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Sun2 T7 is a series of fluorescent lamps that have unique anti-aging and skin care effects. Sun2 T7 Tan Beauty is a completely new and unique way to Tan that blends a perfect summer suntan with an effective anti-aging treatment, also activated vitamin D production. In the Sun2 T7 Tan Beauty tube, we have been able to greatly improve the balance on the tube by lowering the UVA and UVB element and thereby increase to get a better pigmentation and a more sustainable, more balanced and better looking tanned.

The body's own natural collagen is stimulated and regenerate at 633 nanometers which is located in the Red light spectrum and Sun2 T7 Tan Beauty is particularly active in the area which provides truly unique anti-aging properties that provide a noticeable difference after just a couple of tannings. Sunlight is important for our health and by Sun2 T7 Tan Beauty is effectively in the whole light area from 280 to 800 nanometers, giving it unique health benefits. Sun2 T7 Tan Beauty is recognized in all the Ultra Tan tanning beds and in several other models into the in several other models and brands. 

Tan Beauty tubes are specially designed to give both a very good tanning effect while pink light stimulates the body's natural collagen production in the deeper skin layer, the Dermis. By stimulating the body's own collagen production produces a noticeable rejuvenation of the skin, it becomes soft, smooth and supple and requires much less hydration. At regular tanning in the Sun2 T7 Tan Beauty tube also reduces the skin's finer lines and small wrinkles, some scars can reduce and impurities of the skin disappear. You tan in Tan Beauty solarium on the ordinary way but both anti-age treatment and vitamin D in the bargain. Of course, you can also use our skin care and sunscreen lotions or our special anti-aging products for tanning beds.