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Tanning with Alisun 200

As the owner or employee of a tanning studio you naturally know how to use your tanning equipment. Nevertheless, we will list the ‘regulations’ and recommendations once again. This should enable you to offer your guest good advice about healthy, safe and hygienical tanning using the Sunvision 200. Benefits The use of tanning equipment has a number of beneficial effects on our health.Apart from a ‘healthy’ colour, sunlight promotes the generation of vitamin D3, which is important for our entire bone structure. Sunbathing thus has a beneficial effect in the treatment of osteoporosis. Many people experience an alleviation of muscular pain and rheumatic complaints after a tanning course. There are also indicati- ons that sunbathing has a beneficial effect upon metabolism, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. But by far the greatest effect of sunshine appears to be its effect on our mood. We become happier and more energetic and it is a great way of combating stress and fatigue. Skin types White skinned people can be divided into four skin types: I to IV inclusive. Skin type I contains no pigmentation and cannot tan at all or can tan very little, when exposed to the sun. People with this skin type are most likely to suffer from sunburn and should not use any tanning equipment without seeking advice from a doctor first. Skin type IV is a tinted, light skin, the epidermis of which naturally contains a pigment, which can easily be further developed by sunbathing without the danger of sunburn. Skin types II and III represent the transition from I to IV. It is important that your guest is aware of the sensitivity of his or her skin and skin type before using tanning equipment. Your guest’s experience with natural sun is an important guideline here. The list of questions can help your guest to reach a reasonable approximation of his or her skin type.


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