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Alisun 200 Collagen

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How does Collagen light Therapy work? Skin ageing 80% of skin ageing is a result of external influences, that lead to damage at the core of the skin cell – the DNA. With age, the DNA’s own renewal capacity declines and cell damages accumulate. This makes our skin age prematurely. The process of ageing is caused by reduction of collagen and elastin. It takes time for the structure of your skin to improve. A course on the Alisun 200 Collagen should last approximately 6 till 8 weeks. The initial exposure time should be no more than 10 minutes per day and may be increased only to a maximum of 20 minutes. Collagen light therapy with the Alisun 200 Collagen The especially developed collagen lamps (red light with a wave length between 590 and 640 nm) in the Alisun 200 Collagen effectively increase surface skin cell renewal. The light of these lamps stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Due to cell-stimulation in the skin, the skins appearance is not just looking fresher but also smoother. Black bags disappear, pores shrink, your skin becomes softer and lumps and bumps vanish. Both your skin’s ability to heal itself and cell regeneration are considerable improved. For who? The Alisun 200 Colagen therapy does not heat the skin like other anti-aging therapies. So it is a comfortable, relaxing therapy and can be used by everyone, no matter the skin type, sex or age. A course on the Alisun 200 Collagen: •Builds up a healthy collagen network •Reduces lines and wrinkles •Improves the structure of the skin •Boosts skin cell regeneration •Re-tightens the skin (helps prevent cellulite) •Increases skin’s moisture absorption •Boost skin’s oxygen intake •Improves mineral metabolism •Increase skin’s moisture retention •Helps make the skin smooth and fresh


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