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There is tanning and then there is The Lexodus – a redefinition of the very essence of tanning. In The Lexodus we have merged thirty years of experience with state-ofthe- art technical solutions wrapped in a perfect, stylish and contemporary design that gives a new meaning to vertical tanning.

All our work and achievements have but one simple objective – to give that perfect long lasting tan. We pride in a product that will ensure the user not only a moment of quality time but at the same time provide both health and beauty. This is tanning redefined.

The Lexdous is equipped with fifty high quality Lexodus Original lamps and three specially designed high pressure face tanners, Lexintense, all made to perfectly fit the highest demands. You may to your liking equip The Lexodus with low- and high pressure lamps for pure UV, pure Collagen, Tan Beauty or Solagen and the electronic ballasts with its specially designed software program, Lexmode, ensures that the unit can be adjusted to perfection. The Lexodus has a high effective and very silent body fan and cooling system easily adjusted to fit any personal requirement.

The positioning of the lamps and the oval inner design will ensure an optimal coverage of the full body – we call it Interference Ratio Optimization, IRO. The Lexodus also has a temperature sensor system, Computerized Temperature Control, CTC, to make sure that the unit will always work on 42° Celsius, the perfect temperature for tanning. The Lexodus is standard equipped with 4SENSES ensuring a tanning experience out of the ordinary with SBC – Senses Body Cooling, SSS – Senses Sound System and SAB- Senses Aroma and Breeze. The fourth Sense is perfection in the mirror reflection after tanning.


Lexodus > Teknisk specification

Colour Mood – adjustable LED Light and stickers White LEX Blue Mode
Colour Mood – adjustable LED Light and stickers White LEX Green Mode
Colour Mood – adjustable LED Light and stickers White LEX Tan Beauty
Colour Mood – adjustable LED Light and stickers White Lex Solagen
Equalising and frosted acrylics
Tanning technology  
Lexodus original lamps, 190 cm 50 pcs
Lamp power 160-200W
Lexintense Face tanner lamps 3 x 200W
Optimized tanning effect IRO – Interference Ratio Optimization
Central exhaust cooling
Adjustable Electronic Ballasts LEXMode
Temperature control CTC Computerized Temperature Control
Adjustable silent body cooling
User friendly control panel with LCD-display
After cooling Temperature controlled on variable times
SBC – Senses Body Cooling 4SENSES System
SSS – Senses Sound System 4SENSES System
SAB – Senses Aroma & Breeze 4SENSES System
Plug & Play Audio HiFi with MP3 • 
Session time Digitally displayed and adjustable
Technical specifications  
Power supply 400VAC 3-phase 20A
Minimum protection (slow) 3 x 16-25A
Power consumption (kW) 11,0
Air displacement air exhaust system (m3/hour) 1500
Weight (kg) 150
Dimensions L 128 x W 109 x H 232
• = standard  


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