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The PARAGON is inspired by the world’s most luxurious cars. The smooth lines in coff ee/latte coloured metallic are highlighted by several decoration lights, which make this high-end sunbed a real head-turner. The PARAGON is fi tted with 40 full length tubes (100 or 160W) and to really maximize the tan we have added a total of 45 spagetti boosters (or 30 sp boosters + 6 Golden Sun Ray lamps). A unique feature in the PARAGON is the CTC system, a sophisticated electronic control system that helps the tubes maintain an optimal temperature throughout the entire tanning session and thus improving the tanning effect strikingly.

Made in Sweden


Paragon > Teknisk specification

Paragon - Technical Specification
Length 2250 mm
Width 1200 mm
Weight 290 kg
Colour Brown-bronze metallic
Body ventilation Speed controlled high pressure fan
Temperature control CTC - Computerized Temperature Control
Time set Yes, one minute/push
Central exhaust air unit Yes
After cooling Yes, temperature controlled or variable times
Session time Digitally displayed – adjustable count-up or down
Delayed start Yes, elektronic, adjustable delay 1-5 min
Max. session time supervision Yes, adjustable
Run time meter Yes
Maintenance supervision Yes
Overheating alarm Redundant systems - electronic and mechanical
Computerized service aid Yes
Breeze Yes
Aroma Yes
Sound Yes, stereo Hi-Fi
Plug in Yes, connection to all kinds of token/coin boxes,
built-in reception control, remote display, PC control
Nightlight, decoration light Yes and back-lit decoration panel
Voltage 400 VAC 3-phase 50 Hz
Tubes 20 pcs + 20 pcs (100W or 160W),
(15 pcs x 25W) / (6 pcs x 250W) face/shoulders, 6 pcs x 25W arms,
6 pcs + 6 pcs x 25W legs /thighs, 12 pcs x 15W neck/shoulders
Effect SP: 6 400W GSR: 7 300W Power: 9 100W Power GSR: 10 400W
Fuse 3-phase SP: 16A GSR: 16A Power: 20A Power GSR: 25A
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