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Red Savina

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Red Savina - the World’s Hottest Pepper is a suitable name for this chilli-red beauty. The stunning red colour is contrasted by chrome details which are highlighted by the illuminated logo and decoration light. This colourful unit is not only a beauty but an excellent quality sunbed equipped with all the features needed for demanding professional use. The Red Savina is fi tted with 38 full length tubes, (100W or 160W) and additional booster tubes for the arms. For extra face tanning - choose between spaghetti tubes or Golden Sun Ray lamps. Features like central fi lter and QUICK-LOCK ™ makes everyday life so much easier.

Made in Sweden


Red Savina > Teknisk specification

Length 2250 mm
Width 1160 mm
Weight 240 kg
Colour Savina-red metallic and chrome details
Body ventilation High pressure fan
Temperature control No
Time set Yes, one minute/push
Central filter Yes
After cooling Yes
Central exhaust air unit Yes
Session time Digitally displayed – adjustable count-up or down
Delayed start No
Max. session time supervision Yes, adjustable.
Run time meter Yes
Maintenance supervision No
Overheating alarm Yes
Computerized service aid No
Nightlight, decoration light Yes and illuminated logo
Loudspeaker Yes
Plug-in Yes, connection to all kinds of token/coin boxes,
built-in reception control, remote display, PC control
Voltage 400 VAC 3-phase 50 Hz – 230 VAC 1-phase 50 Hz
Tubes 20 pcs + 18 pcs, 100W/160W 15 pcs x 25W or
4 x 250W (face/shoulders), 6 pcs x 25W (arms)
Red Savina  Red Savina GSR Power Power GSR
Effect 5 700W 6 900W 8 200W 9 400W
Fuse 3-phas 10A 16A 16A 16A
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